Monday December 16, 2013

“I wish it could be Christmas everyday”

Woolly Xmas Choir, Marazion Charity Shop Wonderful Woolly Christmas display in Marazion Charity Shop.

We need more Christmases in our lives.

Ok, maybe not every day, but we could all do with injecting some Christmas spirit into our workaday lives.

Hooray for Christmas

I love Christmas. Every year I think maybe the kids are too grown up or that I might hold back on the decorations, but sure enough, every year I get sucked in. The lights, the music, the food, the excuse to eat lots and make merry – it’s something to look forward to, and more than just a date in the calendar.

And what I love most about Christmas is definitely not all the commercial stuff or even, dare I say it, the family togetherness, but that it represents a collective breather. Amidst all the catering, feeding and fun, the best thing is that it’s a line drawn, for most of us, an enforced break.

Favourite things

Christmas has morphed from a couple of days off, into a holiday season, where at some point the pace of life changes (if yours doesn’t – make it – step things down a gear or two!) and it becomes perfectly acceptable not to rush, fit everything in and feel guilty.

In our house, changes are rung in at the start of December when the Christmas mugs come out. A motley collection, amassed over the years and adorned with Santas, reindeer and robins, drinking coffee from them is a touchstone of sorts. You can’t help but think of the year just passing, things to be thankful for, stuff to look forward to, how you want things to be different. In other words, it becomes a “stop the world” and take stock moment.

In the not so Christmassy but apt words of W H Davies:-

“A poor life this if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.” (from “Leisure”)

So take that time to stop, to think, to reflect. Or even, stop thinking, empty your head and recharge. Do something you’ve meant to do for a while or something you love. However and whatever you do, give yourself a break and feel better for it – head cleared – ready for the New Year.

And then sprinkle next year with more of the same – days, hours or even moments…whatever you can spare – just remember to take some head-space time out.

Wishing everyone a very peaceful and happy Christmas.

What do you love about Christmas? Feel free to comment below, I always reply!

3 comments on ““I wish it could be Christmas everyday”

  1. Eva Seymour Thomas says:

    I love Christmas too! Nice to see a good post 🙂 Have a good new year

  2. Eva Seymour Thomas says:

    Yes me too!

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