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Read this book: “UnMarketing”

How everybody can do with a little "un-"

A week or so ago Richard Edelman declared “Traditional marketing is broken.” Edelman is the head of the world’s largest PR firm and was speaking to industry executives and academics in Chicago. Reading about his speech put me in mind of a book I’m always returning to. As business books go, this one is so(…)

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It’s all about you:

Your Personal Brand

Once upon a time, in a dimension some of us still remember, keeping your CV up to date meant you were doing more than enough. You were all geared up to take advantage of an unexpected opportunity or leap into job search mode. The digital era has meant that everyone, whether they care to admit(…)

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And what do you do?

11 Steps for a winning elevator pitch

Does hearing that question fill you with dread? Or make you regret turning up at a networking event/training session/conference (tick as appropriate)? You know what you do, right? And that’s all that matters. It’s just hard to put it into words when you’re put on the spot like that. Be prepared Having an elevator pitch(…)

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