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Are you getting out enough?

NOT another seasonal post about the great outdoors

Doesn’t it feel good to get out of ourselves once in a while? And no, this isn’t about out-of-body experiences. This is about working smarter by being able to take a step back and see what we do from the outside – looking in. Take a step back It can be all too easy to(…)

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It’s all about you:

Your Personal Brand

Once upon a time, in a dimension some of us still remember, keeping your CV up to date meant you were doing more than enough. You were all geared up to take advantage of an unexpected opportunity or leap into job search mode. The digital era has meant that everyone, whether they care to admit(…)

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Ignorance is bliss

And can help you get started

What do you do if you don’t know something? Something that you need to, or want to know… Do you go off and find out everything you can, and then some, and then realise you’ll never know enough and give up? Or do you just jump in and see how it goes? It’s always interesting(…)

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“But why?”

Surprising but true - this can be a great question!

There’s a good chance, especially if you’ve been around little ones, that somewhere along the line you’ve been driven mad by this question. An exchange might go something like this: “Put your shoes on, come on.” “But why?” “Because I said so.” “Yes, but why?” In your business communication – from correspondence to an email(…)

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