A makeover you can live with

Copywriting that's made to measure

First off, this blog post is inspired by some principles close to my heart:- – write for your audience – answer that audience’s questions – dispel their doubts, (possibly the same doubts that I created in “Doubt: a guide for marketers”) – tell stories to get a message across So in that spirit, here goes…(…)

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Doubt: a guide for marketers

What is this thing called doubt?

Doubt is good for us. I’m not talking about being in a state of constant indecision and hesitation, but the idea of being open to thought and exploring possibilities. Allowing ourselves to experience doubt slows us down. It forces us to think, ask questions, seek answers, process things and only then – act. Doubt can(…)

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Read this book: “UnMarketing”

How everybody can do with a little "un-"

A week or so ago Richard Edelman declared “Traditional marketing is broken.” Edelman is the head of the world’s largest PR firm and was speaking to industry executives and academics in Chicago. Reading about his speech put me in mind of a book I’m always returning to. As business books go, this one is so(…)

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Visions, Missions and Values

A well put guide to writing statements that rock

A client recently said to me, “…it’s funny how the bits which end up having the smallest number of words take the longest to write.” And she’s right of course, the first thing to get your head round is that whichever – vision, mission or value – statement you’re writing, this is an area where(…)

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Writing to Sell

How to craft effective sales copy

These things we know to be true:- People love to buy – but hate being sold to. To keep our businesses going, let alone growing, we need to keep on selling our products and services. Life of a Salesman It’s inevitable that we spend at least some of our working lives in sales mode. The(…)

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Are you getting out enough?

NOT another seasonal post about the great outdoors

Doesn’t it feel good to get out of ourselves once in a while? And no, I’m not coming over all Derek Acorah, let’s have an out-of-body experience. This is about working smarter by being able to take a step back and see what we do from the outside – looking in. Take a step back(…)

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