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Thursday November 24, 2016

Gifts for all Seasons

(And where to find them)

At this time of year, our thoughts turn to gifts. But I’m not going to be joining the blogging crowds down those seasonal paths of well-worn cliché. This is about a different category of gifts. The gifts, if we learn to recognise them, that keep on giving. The gifts that we can harness and put(…)

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Monday December 28, 2015

And Goodwill To All Men

How to mine for business storytelling gold

You live most of your life in those days that sit ordered, unlabelled and anonymous in the calendar. You end up making something of them because life isn’t all Christmas Day or a summer Bank Holiday weekend, birthday or anniversary. Those days when there’s nothing much to prepare or hope for, can offer the most(…)

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Monday December 16, 2013

“I wish it could be Christmas everyday”

We need more Christmases in our lives. Ok, maybe not every day, but we could all do with injecting some Christmas spirit into our workaday lives. Hooray for Christmas I love Christmas. Every year I think maybe the kids are too grown up or that I might hold back on the decorations, but sure enough,(…)

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