Wednesday January 15, 2014

The Write Factor

5 reasons to hire a copywriter

Well Put Words - 5 reasons to hire a copywriter

Thoughts of the weekend creeping in on a wet Wednesday lunchtime as I dream up an eye-catching title for this post. Working that Saturday prime-time TV vibe I hesitate between the elegant “Strictly Come Writing,” the more to the point “So You Think You Can Write” or the crowd-pleasing “Write Factor.” Words, how we put them together and the meanings they plug into, really matter:-

Let’s say you’re setting up a business. You want to do everything right: a design agency to come up with a logo that shows what you’re about, a web designer to create a super-functional website. And then it comes to writing the words that will go on the website…

“We’ll put something together, soon as we get a moment.”

Anyone can do it

Well, we can all write can’t we? We do it every day without thinking – texts, shopping lists, tweets, updates, emails. But leaving the content of your business message to chance means you’re missing a trick.

Time to call in a professional

Just like a graphic or web designer specialises in their particular area of design, a copywriter is experienced in creating text – so-called copy. And, quite simply, it’s the words in that copy that drive the success of your business. A copywriter will make sure that the words you use will have a positive impact on your business.

So here’s 5 great reasons for getting help with your copywriting:-

1. Copywriting is not just writing

It’s about much more than getting the grammar and spelling correct. Copywriters know how to craft words into a message that gets attention from humans and search-engines, is easy to read and makes people do what you want them to do – subscribe, donate or buy from you.

2. Copywriters really know words

They keep up to date with the latest developments and technologies in the business of words, for example, SEO practices and social media platforms, and can make them work for you. Seeing words every which way, they get to know the view from your customers’ perspective – all of which is great news for you.

3. It’ll save you time

Have you ever sat there, lost for words or simply overwhelmed by too many great ideas, putting off actually writing anything? Handing over to the experts will give you more time to devote to what you specialise in and need to do – running your business.

4. It can make you money

Spot-on copy does what it’s meant to – it reaches, engages with and converts more customers, subscribers and donors which all means greater returns for you.

5. It doesn’t have to be expensive

You don’t need a massive marketing budget to get copywriting help. An online search will reveal freelance copywriters in your area – have a look at how they present themselves and make contact – most will be happy to discuss your requirements and give you a free, no obligation quote.

Next time, I’ll be looking at how to get the most out of working with a copywriter – till then, thanks for reading and do feel free to add a comment below.

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